Beacons at airports

We now have access to a directory of iBeacon-compatible beacons installed at airports in USA. This can be used as a quick way to establish a mobile information presence at airports without need for taking the cost of, or installing and maintaining, any beacon hardware on your own. Generally, each airport uses its own UUID, Läs mer om Beacons at airports[…]

SmartLabel, comeback for QR codes in retail?

Update 2016-01-14: See the end for responses I got from SmartLabel regarding the content aspect. SmartLabel is an initiative by Grocery Manufacturers Association to provide extra information for over-the-counter/grocery products, accessed via QR codes. Content is of course adapted to reading on mobile phones. This is the kind of long term use that QR codes need Läs mer om SmartLabel, comeback for QR codes in retail?[…]