Beacons for contests

A business acquaintance recently ran a contest together with Spencer & Broderick, a local promotional video producer, that involved finding beacons, kind of like indoors geocaching. The post also goes through how to use beacons in Titanium. Indoor treasure hunt using your phone Actually, geocaching is an interesting non-pro application of beacons. Also consider e.g. orienteering, Läs mer om Beacons for contests[…]

Beacons come in different shapes and sizes

Here’s an assortment of beacons with different characteristics: Top left: AnkhMaway, battery-powered, 25 meters Top right: AnkhMaway, battery-powered, 100 meters Bottom left: AnkhMaway, USB-powered, 70 meters Bottom right: Estimote, battery-powered, 50 meters The top ones have buzzers, that signal when you bump the beacons to indicate they are configurable. It was relatively easy to reconfigure Läs mer om Beacons come in different shapes and sizes[…]