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 Plan Apprentice Adept Expert
 Description If you want to try out CliqTags, or your needs are limited. If you need a few sites with multiple pages. Suitable for a smaller company. If you need more sites and pages. Suitable for a medium-sized company.
Amount of sites 1 10 100
Amount of pages 4 40 400
Statistics Amount of accesses to the site and its pages only. Also full statistics and responses, shown as lists, tables, charts or downloads. Also full statistics and responses, shown as lists, tables, charts or downloads.
Custom site IDs no yes yes
Smart page types yes yes yes
Page type Survey no yes yes
Page type Payment no yes yes
QR Code yes yes yes
iBeacon no yes yes
Geofencing no yes yes
SMS no yes yes
E-mail no yes yes
Sharing yes yes yes
Ad-free no yes yes
Support via e-mail no yes yes
Cost per 30 days Free 19 USD 49 USD
Trial period no 7 days 7 days
Choose Choose Choose

If you choose Apprentice, you can get started with CliqTags right after completed simplified registration.

We also offer yearly subscriptions for a considerably lower cost per year.

The premium plans include a trial period (as stated above), that rolls over to a paid subscription after that period, unless you cancel. You don’t pay anything until the trial period is ended.

pp_cc_mark_37x23Payments are made in US dollars via PayPal, that works worldwide. To sign up to a subscription you need to fill in all company-related information as requested during registration, and have or create an account at PayPal.

Please note that you are not allowed to resell use of CliqTags to other companies without a distribution partner agreement. Please see General Terms.

If you need more sites/pages, white-branding, custom development etc, please contact us. Also, see Services.