Proximity marketing to bloom this year?

There have been many attempts at proximity marketing over time, initially by sending information as contacts over Bluetooth to mobile phones. Nowadays much more suited technologies for this are beacons and geofencing, where it is easier to discriminate what information customers will interact with, provided mobile apps for the purpose provide such screening and granularity. Read more about Proximity marketing to bloom this year?[…]

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E-mail queueing

E-mails generated from mobile forms, registration etc are now queued, to improve responsiveness. The queue is checked each minute, so it can take that long before a message is sent. It’s prepared for queueing SMS’s as well, but it’s not used for that yet.

No more Nearby Notifications, for now

Android Developers Blog – Discontinuing support for Android Nearby Notifications Google drops support for its integrated/transparent Nearby feature in Android. Google dropped similar support in Chrome last year, and the Physical Web app. This is not good news for deployment of proximity solutions, but it’s not all gloom and doom: Eddystone (URL, UID, EID) beacons Read more about No more Nearby Notifications, for now[…]

New partner: BeaconZone

We now partner with BeaconZone in the UK, that specializes in beacons (both iBeacon and Eddystone). They complement what’s provided via CliqTags very well, and you are guaranteed a broad range of beacons, fitting whatever needs you might have. BeaconZone  

CliqTags Spotter, now with menu

To simplify navigation among the screens and performing actions, a proper drop-down menu has been added and the title bar has been uncluttered in the process. CliqTags Spotter is normally published under private-branding, but the CliqTags-branded version can be obtained for evaluations. Please contact us about access. See CliqTags Spotter for more information.  

Using Eddystone-URL beacons with CliqTags

Update: Nearby Notifications no longer exists, but the Nearby API can still be used by third-party apps. We’ve written an FAQ for how to use Nearby Notifications and Eddystone-URL with CliqTags, as a way to simplify beacon deployment. Eddystone-URL in practice There’s also an updated higher-level introduction that briefly explains beacons and describes the differences Read more about Using Eddystone-URL beacons with CliqTags[…]