Snapcodes for accessing CliqTags sites

A new FAQ describes how to use Snapcodes with CliqTags: Snapcodes for accessing CliqTags sites

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Using Eddystone beacons with CliqTags

Here’s a brief FAQ about that combination, that takes away the need for a specific app.

Using Eddystone beacons with CliqTags

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Mobile Web > Mobile Apps?

Surprisingly so, but good for the applicability of CliqTags.

More people are like to use a mobile browser to access information than they are to use a mobile app. Our research found that 23 percent of people use the mobile web browser to go online. The web browser provides them more freedom to search or to browse websites than do apps, which are dedicated to a specific site or purpose.

Mobile Web Users vs. Mobile App Users

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CliqTags Beacon Writer, rising from the ashes

The app has been made compatible with newer beacons from Wellcore, and a few new features have been added to make it more functional and generic, including setting of UUID to any value, and addition of administration features, making it useful also for other services than CliqTags, yet it’s still optimized for use with CliqTags.

CliqTags Beacon Writer

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Show responses as charts

On the Responses page in the Admin Portal you can now choose a field to see results for. This is very useful for e.g. surveys and polls.

You select a survey form to show responses for, select what field should be charted, and click on Chart.

The setting with the most selections are shown to the left and so on. The 20 most selected values are shown. You can download a CSV file in this mode as well, and then you get all the values for the field (no limit at 20), in popularity order.

You can use this in combination with Refresh – Automatic to see results as they are collected.

Any field type can be charted, but it’s naturally most relevant for fields with a fixed number of options.

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QR codes in Chrome for iOS


It’s not altogether simple:

  • You of course need to install Chrome. Hardly any iPhone user has Chrome installed.
  • On a phone with 3D Touch, barcode scanning is available via the popup menu. How do I as a user know that?
  • On a phone without 3D Touch you can instead type “qr” in Spotlight Search and Chrome will appear. Again, not so obvious.

Maybe you better go with CliqTags QR Code Reader instead 😉.

Chrome for iOS now supports scanning standardized QR codes (and barcodes in general), which means it would also be somewhat easier to read CliqTags codes on an iPhone. Not many have Chrome installed on their iPhones though.

Google Chrome for iOS now features QR code scanner

Alternatively you can install CliqTags QR Code Reader, that’s easy to understand and use.

If that’s not to your satisfaction, here are alternatives with different (and IMO sometimes unnecessarily many) features:

The 11 Best QR Code Reader Apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone & BlackBerry


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Interaction On The Go!

Here is a new presentation that presents a packaging of CliqTags for interaction and productivity beyond marketing. CliqTags is very much also useful for e.g. feedback, surveys, contests, instructions etc, which we try to highlight here.

Interaction On The Go!

Interaktion i flykten! (Swedish)

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New report from Proxbook

proxbook_logo_invertedInteresting findings in the latest Proxbook report, this time about Proximity Marketing in Airports & Transportation:

  • “Airport Location Sensors Provide New Advertising Potential”
  • “Nearly 90 percent of airports deploying proximity sensors, beacons”
  • “82% of the world’s airports have tested or are testing mobile location proximity sensors”

The link points to a page with also the previous reports: The Quarterly Proxbook Report

Proxbook is a worldwide directory of all companies in proximity marketing and related.

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Use cases for QR codes

A few newer public use cases for QR codes, that might provide some ideas for how to use CliqTags in similar ways:

Tourist QR codes let Kyoto cops do their jobs

QR code labels help two Dutch coffee shops share cannabis product lab results

QR code grave stones keep a person’s story alive

QR code plaques let footpath users report damage

Beijing QR codes are appearing everywhere

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Open Mobile Media about the mobile marketing channel

From the e-mail about the report:

Consumers now expect to be served through their channel of choice – and this is increasingly, mobile.

To give a 2016 update on how brands are tackling mobile, we surveyed over 100 senior mobile executives from industries including retail, travel and finance. They shared on:

  • Their challenges experienced with advertising on mobile
  • If they are developing for wearables platforms
  • Their mobile marketing budget and future projections
  • Which mobile tools they’re investing more in: mobile analytics or cyber security?

Get the results of the survey in an easily digestible infographic:


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