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CliqTags Principle


  • Sites and related pages are easily created and edited by you. There’s no need for knowledge about Web development, nor how to adapt content to mobile phones, to use Cliqtags.
  • The lead time from decision to completed implementation is very short, much shorter than for mobile apps.
  • All changes are activated immediately for quick review and access.
  • CliqTags is cost-efficient compared to development of mobile apps or adaptation of existing PC sites for mobile access.
  • It provides both the content management and access method aspects in one turn-key system. When you have your account you are ready to go. All parts included.
  • There’s nothing to install, as the whole solution is cloud-based and both administrative and user access is done via the Web.
  • The solution scales to your needs, where you can start small with one site and a few pages, but where you can build quite complex and interactive sites if needed. Such enhancements you can do over time, so you are never locked down to one specific information structure.
  • Make your paper based communication digital and mobile, and for the first time truly interactive and measurable.


  • Created sites and related pages, statistics and access methods are accessed from the same place, making it easy to keep tab on what belongs where.
  • The access to CliqTags mobile sites is done via a very short link ( that can be embedded in anything that can store/show a link, be it QR Codes, SMSs, NFC Tags, digital advertisements etc. You can give each site a custom ID for easier reference.
  • Due to the very short link, QR Codes become compact, making it easy to print such codes/tags in cramped spaces in magazine articles, advertisements, posters etc.
  • You can easily create many mobile sites via the same account (yet depending on what plan you have signed up to).
  • A CliqTags site can contain any number of pages using any combination of the available pages types, and you can also structure the site via page/menu hierarchy and specific ordering of pages.
  • Instead of relying on simple editing of text, pictures and so on, CliqTags provides several smart page types that let you easily create feedback forms, contact sheets, news feeds, picture and video galleries etc, where you enter only the information that is relevant for the page type at hand. You can use any number of those page types on a site.
  • You have full control over the parameters of the different access methods, in regards to size, colors, labeling, phone numbers,  etc, depending on what access method you are using.
  • Statistics for sites and pages are shown in numbers and graphically over time, where you can select what time window you want to look at. Statistics can also be downloaded for further processing off-line.
  • QR Codes can be generated in pixel (PNG, GIF, JPEG) and vector (EPS, PDF, SVG) formats for maximum flexibility.