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Why specifically CliqTags?

Here is a comparison between CliqTags and its use of QR Codes etc, and other types of solutions for publishing information for access via mobile phones.

There are lots of QR Code generators. What’s so special about CliqTags?

CliqTags is much more than a QR Code generator.

CliqTags is really about easily publishing structured and interactive content for access via mobile phones, where the same tool automatically generates a number of access methods, including QR Codes, NFC tags, bulk SMS, SMS requests and direct linking.

We especially promote the use of QR Codes as they are an effective means for accessing mobile sites, that can be printed on almost any material, but also be used digitally.

Why should I build my site with CliqTags? I can just put a link in a QR Code to my normal site.

PC-optimized sites are not suitable for consumption via a mobile phone, both because of how small the text and images get without zooming, but also because of the amount of information that such sites typically contain, even if they are responsive, that can be hard to navigate from a mobile phone. When accessing a site through a mobile you need a much higher degree of immediacy and targeting, as users don’t have much time and patience to find and consume information.

You can of course link to other sites from within a CliqTags site, but the main message needs to be very easily consumed and with a short path to result.

CliqTags adapts content automatically for mobile phones, so you don’t have to think about that when information is published.

If I want users to see a YouTube video I can just link to a video from a QR Code, right?

Then you miss the possibility to convey other information, get user feedback and see statistics.

You can both upload (if you don’t have your own account) and refer to YouTube videos from within CliqTags, and simultaneously complement with other information on the same pages and related pages, add feedback forms, surveys, contact information, news feeds etc. On top of that you can collect the information, pictures and videos that belong together on the same site, so that the user gets a focused image of what you want to convey.

Why can’t I just code messages, contact information directly etc in a QR Code or NFC tag?

Then you lose all possibilities for tracking, which is often very important for finding out whether e.g. a campaign has yielded the desired results, and to conclude what messages work.

The information space available in a QR Code or NFC tag is very limited, while you could access almost an infinite amount of information via a site at CliqTags. For the user it’s still very simple.

You lose the possibility to correct or otherwise change the information after you’ve generated the QR Code or NFC tag. With CliqTags you can change the content whenever you want. You can even schedule display of sites and pages, so that different offerings etc can be spread out over time.

Self-contained QR Codes tend to become quite complex, due to all the information, which can make reading them harder. QR Codes created by and for CliqTags are always very compact, with few details, as they only include a link to content hosted at CliqTags, and that way can be printed on any media and at small sizes.

Everyone says I need an app. In what way is CliqTags better than that?

The development and updating time with CliqTags is much shorter (magnitudes).

You can change both the structure and the information whenever you want without getting locked in to a certain format mandated by an app.

The cost initially and over time is lower.

You get full control over the content, without becoming dependent on external parties. We can of course help you on request, but the point is that you shall have full control over your published content.

You get access to your own account where you can make changes to your sites as well as create new ones (as many as your plan allows).

On request we can also develop apps that encapsulate CliqTags sites, to achieve an app experience, still retain the simple administration via CliqTags’ administration portal.