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Why do I need a mobile site?

All bring their smartphone with them everywhere and it’s always on. It’s got a camera that can be used for capturing events as well as reading QR Codes, and a Web browser for looking at information. Messages can be pushed to users via SMS, MMS, e-mail and apps, making users aware of news etc. NFC Tags containing links can be read easily.

Due to this a smartphone is an excellent intermediary for marketing-related information, wherever the recipient might be.

A mobile site enables you to provide information to your customers wherever they are, e.g. in your shop, but also when customers look for where you are or whether you provide any campaigns, coupons etc.

The benefit of having CliqTags host your mobile sites is that they can be quickly modified, duplicated etc as the need for information changes. Scheduling can be used to prepare a stream of information (e.g. campaigns or surveys spread out over time) beforehand.

As the information is independent of the means for access, you can change the information over time without having to change e.g. printed information.