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What’s a mobile site?

Screenshot_2015-11-03-15-12-57A mobile site is a Web site that’s intended to be accessed via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and that’s easily and quickly created via CliqTags, and automatically adapted to mobile devices for a specific purpose, as an advertising campaign, survey, sweepstakes, product information, information about an event, a contest etc.

By being so quick and easy to set up and use, it complements your normal (PC optimized) Web site that often is much more information-rich and more static than what a mobile site needs to be.

To optimize the consumption of information there’s need for text, pictures and other multimedia content, simple navigation, and focused content, so some planning is required for a successful result.

Through CliqTags it’s very easy to change the content over time without having to involve your IT department or any external party and without changing the means for access, whether it’s a QR Code, bulk SMS, an NFC tag, a direct link etc.