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What page types are supported?

Each site can contain a combination of these page types, in any order and any amount, up to the limit of your account.

Page types

  • Information: Static information, possibly including pictures, tables etc
  • Media: Display of picture(s), video or audio
  • Contact: Contact information, possibly from a vCard file
  • Location: Location shown using a dynamic map
  • Feedback: Feedback form with predefined fields
  • Resume: Resume form with predefined fields
  • Survey: Survey form that you can populate with different types of fields
  • Responses: Responses from forms (Feedback, Resume or Survey)
  • News Feed: News feed for a feed URL
  • Twitter Feed: Twitter feed for a user name
  • Sharing: Sharing of this or any other site
  • Facebook Like: Facebook Like for a site URL
  • Facebook Page: Facebook Page for a page URL
  • Redirection: Redirection to another site
  • Embed: Embedded content from another site
  • Site List: List of all sites on the account
  • Site Map: List of all pages on this site
  • Search: Search form for content on the site
  • Payment: Payment for one or more digital items


See below for a more thorough description of each page type, with examples:

CliqTags - Page Types


The following describes specifically page type Payment:

CliqTags - Payment