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Is CliqTags better than apps?

A fundamental difference between CliqTags and mobile apps is that CliqTags is immediately ready for use. No technology needs to be developed per customer, per situation or per mobile platform. When you’ve received your account, you can be productive right away.

Here are a few other arguments for why CliqTags in many cases is a more efficient and effective solution for marketing and information distribution through mobile phones:

  • There’s nothing that needs to be developed or installed. You add your content via CliqTags’ administration portal. Your customers then have immediate access to your information via their mobile phones.
  • You can adapt the content at any time, including in terms of structure, information and function, and with scheduling (on a site and page level) you get full control over when the information is accessible.
  • The content you publish is supported by many phone types, without you having to think about that and for that matter take extra cost for phone platform specific development.
  • The lead time from knowing what to publish and actually having it published is much shorter.
  • Using CliqTags is much less expensive over time than when dealing with apps.
  • It’s much easier and less expensive to start off small and expand and modify content over time, based on market needs. As you know it’s often hard to know all the requirements immediately.
  • The ones responsible for getting information out can now publish that information directly, instead of having to go via an IT department or an external provider.

If you really want an app, but still get the benefits of publishing content via a Web interface, we can offer such that are installed the normal way via e.g. App Store or Google Play, but that shows information hosted at CliqTags. That way you get the ease of use and dynamics of CliqTags, yet users at the same time get the app experience. For phones that are not supported by such apps, users can still access the information directly, via QR Codes etc.