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How do I use SMS?

006b - Access methods SMSSMS is obviously not the most modern mobile technology, but is due to that also practical as an access method for mobile sites, as all phones support SMS, with no need to install anything extra.

Also, SMS is a very effective method for making users aware of information, both in terms of completely new mobile sites and changes to existing ones. This is not the least applicable to customer club news, offerings, coupons and similar.

CliqTags uses SMS in two ways:

Bulk SMS, that is easily accessed per site from CliqTags’ administration portal. CliqTags automatically adds information about the site in the SMS. Normally the site’s name and its link are included, but this can be changed, to make the purpose clearer. To be able to send SMS you fill up funds beforehand, that is counted down as you send SMS. Sending SMS costs as mentioned in your profile. Note that CliqTags never sends SMS autonomously. It’s always you that decide when to send SMS and to whom. You can also use this function for information that is not related to CliqTags. You are as a customer responsible for adhering to applicable rules and guidelines in the regions you address.

SMS requests, where the user texts ‘cl’ (‘CL’) followed by the site’s ID (e.g. ‘cliqtags’) to number 72672 (only for Sweden at the moment). This is automatically available for all created and active sites. To make such access simpler you should set the site ID to something that’s easily entered and remembered (preferably a word in only lower case). Note that the ID must be unique and that you are not allowed to use others’ brands and trademarks. The cost for the user is normal SMS fee plus 1 SEK to cover external costs.