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How do I utilize CliqTags for banner ads?

Banner-adA mobile site created in CliqTags is a great landing spot for banner ads on mobile sites and in mobile apps.

It can be made as focused as you like, to direct visitors to the information and message you want to convey and the feedback you want to get, without them going astray.

By using CliqTags you can create rich content that is self-contained and/or refers to other content, like for instance app stores, videos etc.

With the interactive features of CliqTags, like response forms, Facebook Likes etc, you can create a truly engaging user experience that is also very easy to track via built in statistics as well as Google Analytics.

As a CliqTags site is accessed via a short link, it’s simple to put it “behind” an ad. That link will never change for a given site, even when the information is completely changed.

This without the hazzle of hosting those sites yourself, or having to bother about differences between phones, or suffer from long development time and high cost of native apps.

Just get an account at CliqTags, and you’re off.