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How do I embed a CliqTags site in a Facebook Page tab?

CliqTags sites can be used to enhance the experience of a Facebook Page, as they are otherwise quite limited in terms of what you can present and achieve. You can this way insert news feeds, surveys, payments etc. The CliqTags site is shown in its own context, so it can contain multiple pages.


  • You need to be a registered Facebook Developer to perform these steps.
  • This description assumes you already have a Facebook Page that you are an administrator for, and a CliqTags site that you want to embed.

Let’s get to it:

  • Go to Facebook Developers.
  • Click on My Apps.
  • Click on + Add a New App.
  • Enter the requested information and click on Create App ID.
  • Click on Settings and Basic.
  • Click on + Add Platform.
  • Click on Page Tab.
  • Enter Secure Page Tab URL as, where siteid is your CliqTags site’s ID, as well as a Page Tab Name. Click Save Changes.
  • Copy ID&next=Secure Page Tab URL to the address bar of a browser, and insert the actual App ID and Secure Page Tab URL at the placeholders. Press Enter to go there.
  • Select the page you want this tab shown at, and click Add Page Tab.
  • Go to your Facebook Page and see the new tab and the CliqTags site content.
  • If you want the tab placed elsewhere in the tab menu, go to Settings / Edit Page and drag it.

For more details and some pictures, check this out: How to Create Custom Tabs for Your Facebook Business Page