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CliqTags Nearby

Be aware of what’s going on nearby

CliqTags Nearby provides access to content at specific locations, and can therefore be used for proximity marketing, location-based information etc.

It achieves this via Eddystone-URL beacons as well as QR codes and NFC tags containing URLs, presenting all information in the same view that is saved persistently.

There’s nothing to configure (literally), but a few permissions need to be approved for BLE, camera etc.

Information about each site (partly scraped from the page) is shown as a clickable button when a beacon is detected or when a QR code or NFC tag is read, and when clicked the site is opened.

Content can be hosted at CliqTags or elsewhere, yet display of meta data is optimized for what can be entered per site in the CliqTags admin portal.

See Use Cases for Physical Web for information about uses.

CliqTags Nearby is available in a public free CliqTags version for iOS and Android, but can also be private-branded on request.

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