More smartphone stats

Here’s another take on smartphone status and trends for 2020: InternetAdvisor – Smartphone Statistics in 2020: Everything in Your Pocket ~3.5B users (of a total 0f 4.8B mobile phone users) of smartphones worldwide. There are lots of details here, so dig in. My thoughts: Smartphones are no longer considered special phones, but rather perfectly normal Read more about More smartphone stats[…]

Physical Web Association Update

The purpose of Physical Web Association (PHWA) is to drive continued use of Google Eddystone and proximity-based content using Bluetooth beacons, currently by providing easy-to-use mobile applications for detecting such beacons and showing content based on the URL reported by beacons. On top of that PHWA partners provide beacons, content solutions etc. Specifically Abiro provides Read more about Physical Web Association Update[…]

QR code ideas

Here are a few ideas for professional use of CliqTags QR codes and sites: Print them on ads so that customers can get more information and register interest for products and services. Print them on a sign that can be viewed (and scanned) from the outside of your shop for offerings, menu, contact info etc. Read more about QR code ideas[…]

Proximity marketing to bloom this year?

There have been many attempts at proximity marketing over time, initially by sending information as contacts over Bluetooth to mobile phones. Nowadays much more suited technologies for this are beacons and geofencing, where it is easier to discriminate what information customers will interact with, provided mobile apps for the purpose provide such screening and granularity. Read more about Proximity marketing to bloom this year?[…]