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Be in control

You create sites and pages on your own and based on your requirements.

There is no need for knowledge about Web development, nor how to adapt content to mobile phones.

Cut work and lead time

The lead time from decision to completed implementation is shorter than for mobile apps. You also update and improve faster, and for less cost.

There is nothing to install, as the whole solution is cloud-based: administrators, editors, and users all access CliqTags via the Web.

It supplies both the content management and access method aspects in one turn-key system.

After you have registered, you are ready to go. All parts included.

Get immediate results

All changes are active at once for quick review and access.

Get app-like performance

Pages are light weight (normally less than 10 kilobytes) with a minimum of other assets, and images scale to the display dimensions of each device, making pages load faster than for a responsive site.

Get a quick RoI

CliqTags is cost-efficient compared to custom development of mobile apps or adaptation of existing PC sites for mobile access.

Enhance iteratively

The solution scales to your needs, where you can start small with one site, and when/if needed build multiple elaborate and interactive sites, based on what your plan allows.

You can enhance over time, and change structure, content, and styling at any time.

There are no “one size fits all” limitations.

Extend your channel reach

Make your paper-based communication digital and mobile, and for the first time truly interactive and measurable.

You easily create the means for users to access your sites, be it via QR code, SMS, e-mail, NFC tags, beacons, geofencing or social media, complemented by mobile apps.

Administrate with ease and flexibility

You create new sites in simple steps: choose a template, create pages based on available page types, add styling and content.

By copying sites and pages you can quickly create new sites and content, e.g. for other campaigns and regions. You can also use this to create your own templates for later use.

Control the visibility of sites and pages via (de)activation, scheduling (with start and end time), or removing them entirely.

If you sign up to any of the premium plans you can create multiple sites with ease. Each site gets its unique characteristics and means to access it.

CliqTags supports 19 smart page types, supplying the means to easily create interactive and engaging mobile sites.

Express your brand

You make your own design choices via easy to use settings. You can of course also complement this with your styles that override anything CliqTags has set.

Easily copy a site’s design, structure, and content in a single step, as a base for new sites.

Available templates supply the page structure for e.g. company information, business card, survey, and coupon, without locking you in to specific color schemes or design.

Get feedback from your customers

Easily create forms for surveys, contests, sweepstakes, voting, and similar, providing interaction with your intended audience.

The system logs each response and optionally sends an e-mail for immediate action.

You view logged responses as tables, lists and charts, and you can also export them for external analysis.

CliqTags supports 37 field types to let you customize your forms to the needs of your audience and the subject matter.

You can control whether a user needs to fill in fields, saving of entered information between uses, and showing of fields to others via a Responses page.

We can help you with data mining and analysis.

Follow the results

Display statistics for each site and page as charts or lists.

You can export statistics for external analysis and charting in e.g. Excel, Microsoft Power BI, or Google Data Studio.

Get visibility

CliqTags supports Google Analytics, tracking code, SEO description, and keywords per site, enabling you to track and promote your sites on CliqTags the same way you would do any other site.

Get help when you need it

Get help information online, either directly on the page shown, or as tooltips shown by hovering over the area of a page you need information about.

There are FAQs and tutorials describing concepts and uses.

You can also ask us via e-mail if you have a premium account.