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CliqTags Wrapper

An app template available for iOS and Android, primarily intended to wrap sites created by CliqTags, but that can wrap any mobile site, e.g. created with WordPress, making them behave like native apps from an installation and access point of view.

One app instance is made per site. Of course each site can contain many pages and also refer to other sites.

When used with CliqTags, sites are still maintained via CliqTags, meaning structure and content can be changed completely at any time without affecting the native app, and the site can still be accessed via other means.

Such apps can be configured with a menu that enables input to any text-based form field from barcodes, NFC tags and dictation. Selection of field to apply this to is done by simply clicking on it. Text is concatenated, simplifying dictating multiple sentences to the same field. The menu can be activated by clicking on the menu button or the page header.

QR codes and dictation are supported on any Android or iOS device. NFC tags are supported any Android phone and on iPhone 7 or newer.

Wrapper apps are provided on a fixed price / non-royalty basis per instance, whether used with CliqTags or not. Publishing on your own store accounts can be provided for an additional fee, unless you do it yourself. Let us know your requirements.

Download for Android (example)