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CliqTags Spotter

Geotargeted Communication

What’s that?

Communication that reaches customers/visitors depending on where they are.

What’s CliqTags Spotter?

CliqTags Spotter is a mobile app for iOS and Android, that together with CliqTags associates content with locations, optimized for updating people on information within their surroundings in real time.

How does it do that?

Content is created via CliqTags as one or more mobile sites, and gets associated with beacons and/or geofences, in a many-to-many relationship: multiple beacons or geofences can point to the same site, and any given beacon or geofence can point to multiple sites.

CliqTags Spotter continuously looks for beacons and the current location, and asks CliqTags whether there are any associated sites, and if so presents the new information, and alerts the user via a notification. The user can scroll through the information at will, and engage with interesting information by clicking on the shown banner, opening the related mobile site.

There’s nothing for the user to configure, except securing that Bluetooth and/or Location are activated in the phone.

Beacons and geofences can be combined in the same context, complementing each other:

Where is it useful?

Inside and around:

  • shops, malls
  • amusement parks, zoos
  • museums, displays
  • squares, parks
  • bus/train stations, airports
  • conferences, exhibits
  • festivals, concerts
  • etc

What do I gain as a business owner?

  • You are enabled to provide information when and where it’s relevant
  • Your customers/visitors don’t need to search for the information
  • You don’t take cost for “marketing by shotgun”
  • The underlying information can be updated at any time and often, with little effort, which retains interest over time
  • The information you publish can be made as focused as you want
  • Interactive features enable customers/visitors to interact with you with knowledge about time and place

What can I present/communicate?


  • Topic-based information
  • Coupons
  • Advertisements
  • Surveys

All in a combination of text, pictures, videos, links etc.

We recommend a combination of topic-based information and marketing messages, to keep interest up over time.

What are our options?

  • The app can be branded and functionally adapted to your needs, but is also useful as-is
  • The information that is related to locations is completely controlled by what you want to convey, and can be changed at any time
  • The presented information shows only your brand
  • The solution also supports QR codes, NFC tags, SMS/e-mail etc for the same information
  • You get your own account in CliqTags, but we can also publish and maintain the content for you
  • We can easily set up an evaluation with beacons and geofences, and we’ll gladly help you during campaigns etc
  • We can recommend rugged beacons for long term use
  • We can develop new apps and services based on your needs

What does CliqTags do?

Please see Arguments.