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CliqTags Beacon Writer

Use this tool to configure iBeacon-compatible beacons from Wellcore, primarily for use with CliqTags.


  1. Select the BLE chip used in the beacon (see the product documentation and Chips in the menu).
  2. Select or enter UUID. For use with CliqTags, always choose the default.
  3. Enter major ID and minor ID to your liking.
  4. Optionally select power and interval. The defaults should work for most cases. Don’t set a power level below -10 dBm.
  5. Enter the password provided with the beacon.
  6. Hold a beacon close to the phone (the app will configure the closest beacon).
  7. Click on Write while holding the beacon still.
  8. Rinse and repeat.


By choosing Administration in the menu, an Administration section is added at the bottom of the screen. There you can set a new password and reset the configuration to factory settings.

Please note that for reasons of security you need to log in with the current password for both these functions. Also, be careful to make a note of the new password. We can’t help you if you lose it.


  • You need to have a device that supports Bluetooth 4.0, and that has Bluetooth activated, before you can configure beacons.
  • Minor ID auto-increments after a successful configuration to make it easy to configure multiple beacons in the same series.
  • The app currently only works with beacons provided by Wellcore (available via CliqTags Store), so don’t attempt configuring other beacons.
  • That said, CliqTags supports any iBeacon-compatible beacon, and you can use this app for other services as well.


Wellcore beacons use different chips, and you need to select the right one when configuring your beacons.

In some cases it depends on how new the beacon is, but you will not be able to configure unless you’ve selected the one used in the beacon.

The app doesn’t work with some older Wellcore beacons (notably W903 from < 2016). There’s nothing we can do about that.

  • W901: CC2541
  • W902: CC2541
  • W903: CC2541 or NRF51822
  • W904: CC2541
  • W905: CC2541 or NRF51822
  • W908: CC2541 or NRF51822
  • W909: CC2541
  • W911A: CC2541
  • W911B: CC2541
  • W912: CC2541 or NRF51822
  • W914N: CC2541 or NRF51822
  • W950: CC2541
  • W951: CC2541 or NRF51822
  • W955N: NRF51822


This video shows basic use of the app: