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CliqTags Beacon Advertiser

iPhone 6

A simple iBeacon-compatible advertiser that can be used in place of a hardware beacon when evaluating beacon scenarios.

How to use

  1. Possibly select a UUID other than the default.
  2. Click “Generate IDs” to generate Major ID and Minor ID.
  3. Tap “Advertise” to start advertising. Tap again to stop.


  • Ensure that you have Bluetooth activated on your device.
  • Please note that the app needs to be in focus (visible) for it to advertise.
  • Changed IDs take effect when advertising is started.
  • Chosen IDs are saved persistently.
  • This app doesn’t replace hardware beacons in live installations.
  • Older Android phones and versions didn’t support BLE advertising, even when they supported BLE as such.
  • The app is also available for evaluation on iOS (iPhone 4 or newer).

Download for Android