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It's long since we sent out a newsletter, but as we just introduced CliqTags Spotter, a mobile app for geotargeted communication, we thought that it was time to inform about CliqTags in general.

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image CliqTags Spotter

CliqTags Spotter - Geotargeted Communication (currently most examples are in Swedish; we'll update soon) From the presentation: What is it? A mobile app for iOS and Android, that via a cloud…

image BeaconZone about CliqTags Beacon Writer

New 3rd Party Android App for Wellcore Beacons

image Other uses of beacons

Beacons are not just for marketing and events, but can find use also in healthcare, logistics, freight etc, as a way to identify and track equipment and even people indoors.…

image Will iOS 11 finally make NFC broadly useful?

iOS and iPhone/iPads already support NFC per se, but only for use with Apple Pay. Supposedly iOS 11 will change that, and enable NFC tags containing links etc. Android has…

image New site design

CliqTags and CliqTags Store have been revamped with a modern "one page" design, that we hope is more pleasing to the eye.

image Improved Access page

The Access page has been improved lately, mainly behind the scenes: QR codes Improved handling of colors, so that any combination of foreground and background color works as expected. Increased…

image Snapcodes for accessing CliqTags sites

A new FAQ describes how to use Snapcodes with CliqTags: Snapcodes for accessing CliqTags sites The Snapcode to the right takes you to a CliqTags site.

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