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NFC tags for heavy-duty applications

Tags like these can take almost anything you throw at them, including water, chemicals, pressure, heat, cold, impact etc (of course to a varying degree).

An assortment of NFC Tags for heavy-duty applications including industrial and tracking (click for larger)

From top left:

  • HID Industrial IP68 Flexible (83×25 mm, for cable ties)
  • Confidex Ironside Micro (27×27 mm, anti-metal, optionally adhesive)
  • HID Industrial Tag IP68 (34 mm, anti-metal, optionally adhesive, colors)
  • HID Industrial Tag IP68 (22 mm, anti-metal)
  • Seritag Tag in PVC (30 mm, anti-metal, adhesive)
  • Seritag Tag in ABS (30 mm)
  • Confidex Steelwave Micro II (38×13 mm, anti-metal, adhesive)
  • Cable Tie in Nylon (28×20 mm (label), unknown brand)

They are claimed to be compatible with all smart phones (Android and iOS verified) and they use NTAG or ICODE chips.

All can be encoded with a URI including a CliqTags URL (verified).

Due to large antennas they are very easy to read and write (verified), yet of course within the limitations of NFC.