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NFC Tags in all shapes and sizes

Nowadays you can buy NFC Tags in many shapes and sizes that are glued on, sewed on, screwed on, snapped on, and for all kinds of use cases. It’s also possible to order configuration of content as well as custom printing, like logos and QR Codes.

An assortment of NFC Tags for different use cases (click for larger)

In the photo:

  • Top row:
    • The first one is the exact size of a credit card, often used for personal identification
    • The two to the right can be put on key chains, for e.g. contact information
  • Middle row:
    • The first one can be screwed/riveted on, e.g. for rugged equipment identification and instructions
    • The middle one has print underneath a plastic dome, for e.g. signage and marketing
  • Bottom row:
    • The first one is only 12 mm wide
    • The second one can be scanned even when put on metal
    • The button to the right can be sewed on to clothes and is water and chemical proof

They are claimed to be compatible with all smart phones (Android, iOS, Windows) and use NTAG or ICODE chips.

All can be encoded with a CliqTags URL (verified).

Generally, the bigger the antenna the easier they are to read and write (verified), yet of course within the limitations of NFC.