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Keeping it local

In an effort to minimize data harvesting by Google, and potential issues with GDPR and similar regulations, code for Google Analytics and Google Adsense has been removed from the information site as well as the admin console and generated mobile sites.

As a customer you can still add a Google Analytics tag to any of your mobile sites like before, but that’s up to you, and it’s also up to you to inform your visitors about that.

We still use Google Maps and Google Charts in the admin console for logged in customers, as well as Google Maps for mobile sites where page type Location is used. Again, as a customer you can choose to use it or not.

CliqTags admin console has its own way of collecting and visualizing usage statistics, that is available per site and page and stored locally, and requires logging in as a customer to see.

Also, we don’t use AddThis (a well-known data harvester) on public-facing sites. Customers to CliqTags can choose to use AddThis for sharing on mobile sites though.

Meta Pixel is not used anywhere.

Update 2023-08-18

Replacements for AddThis and Google Analytics:

  • AddToAny (no use of JavaScript and local images)
  • Matomo (self-hosted on a separate domain)

See also the post Sharing via AddToAny.