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Commenting on a specific use of a QR code

Based on this QR code from a “pasta in a cup” from Knorr:


  • Using plain black on white without embellishments, to maximize readability and user recognition.
  • Explained what is “behind” the QR code, but not the actual intention with it (a la bait and switch). See below.


  • Pixels/modules are quite small, at the limit of some phone cameras.
  • It’s rather complex due to an unnecessarily long URL: The “utm” names are used by Google Analytics and others, so there’s logic to it, but they could have been hidden behind a redirect URL, or a script that would generate the “utm” tags.
  • When you enter the contest you realize the prizes are quite inexpensive, and it’s really about capturing e-mail addresses for sending out marketing information, as you have to approve that.