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QR code ideas

An assortment of information you can learn by scanning a CliqTags QR code

Here are a few ideas for professional use of CliqTags QR codes and sites:

  • Print them on ads so that customers can get more information and register interest for products and services.
  • Print them on a sign that can be viewed (and scanned) from the outside of your shop for offerings, menu, contact info etc.
  • Print them on badges with possible personal or company name for scanning at conferences, exhibits etc.
  • Put them on signs beside products, be it smaller items where there’s not room for detailed information or where you need to inform about ingredients, allergic effects, its origin or environmental footprint, or inside car or furniture dealerships where the customers can read about different options and register interest of being contacted.
  • Put a QR Code beside each conference room, so that you can check if it’s occupied when you need it, and possibly schedule it.
  • Put them on your equipment, whether stationary or mobile, for information about features, installation and service instructions, who to contact at failure, how to order spare parts, feedback form etc.
  • Put them on books and other printed work, providing more information about the author and the book.
  • Put them on CDs, providing information about the artist/band, full lyrics, tour guide etc.
  • Put them on product packaging, for downloading info sheets, documentation etc.
  • Display them on TV shows for access to information about the show, how to provide feedback (possibly in real time) etc.

The above all complemented by mobile-optimized and very quickly loading sites effortlessly created using CliqTags, enhancing the experience and value of the printed or displayed content.

You can create the content yourself via your own login, or ask us to do it based on your copy and media. You can follow the result via usage statistics and form responses in detail. Sites can be modified however often without downtime. New sites can be based on previous ones, speeding up making many similar sites. Sites and pages can be scheduled and activated individually.

See Arguments for more.