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Improvements to the admin site

Here’s a summary of improvements made lately:

Site design

The site is now wider (same width as the info site) to make room for wider editors etc.

The top of the page is now flatter, containing logo, menu and login information, leaving more room for the actual page content below, and make it more similar to the info site.

Cleaned up use of menu highlights, so they show the right context throughout.

Field widths have overall been better optimized to the values they might contain.


Login and Reset Password have been partitioned to separate pages, to make the Login page less cluttered.

The method for storing passwords has been changed to a more secure one.


Chart theme has been removed and Google Charts’ default selection of colors is used instead.


Now supports selection of chart type, the same way as Statistics, currently column and pie charts.

Uploaded pictures are now shown on the same page via a lightbox popup when clicked on.

Page type Survey

It’s possible to hide fields in the form. This is especially useful for the “Current” type of fields, that users can’t affect anyway, to decrease clutter. It can also be used to temporarily disable certain fields. Such fields will still be submitted and show in Responses.

The meaning of check boxes for fields has been aligned so that they are all normally off. That makes it more obvious that checking them means it’s not the default setting.

Mobile sites

The height of buttons is now dynamic (padding instead of a static height), so that button text will show in full. We still recommend you to keep button texts very short, for usability reasons.

JavaScript is now loaded last on the page to speed up page rendering.


The screenshot shows some of the changes:

Improvements to the admin site

Check it out live!