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Analysis improvements phase 2

We’ve continued working on improvements:

  • Statistics and Responses are further harmonized, as can be seen in the pictures below
  • The lists for Descending (sorting) and Auto-refresh are changed to checkboxes for simpler access
  • Descending and Auto-refresh are supported for Statistics as well, which makes it possible to monitor site accesses in real time
  • Responses now shows Forms in one centered table to keep alignment and that way ease reading
  • When Now is checked, the end time will always be set to the current time after somehow refreshing the page, including for Auto-refresh
  • Charts are now filling the free area available
  • The Responses toolbar is shown deactivated if a page hasn’t been selected
  • The Close button has been put at the end of the Responses page, in line with other admin pages

Statistics toolbar

Responses toolbar