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New Survey features

To simplify sending the same form multiple times (e.g. status and order forms) it’s now possible to set whether one or more form fields should be saved persistently between sessions. This is done per form page and per user/device, and the data is stored on the device instead of centrally. Only fields with user-entered data support this feature, for obvious reasons, yet this even works for multi-select fields.

This is e.g. very useful for fields that identify the submitter, to avoid entering that every time, or fields that indicate selected action or status if that’s often the same, but you decide what to use it for.

A few other changes (while we were at it):

  • Required, Public and Save are spelled out fully for ease of understanding
  • Field types that don’t support Required or Save indicate that up-front
  • Field type Verify is handled as a password field, not showing the entered text
  • More than one (comma-separated) e-mail address can be used for E-mail
  • Form responses can be forwarded to a Script for further processing

This example shows how it looks like from an editing perspective: