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Using Google Nearby

At least temporarily Chrome no longer supports Eddystone / Physical Web. Let’s hope they return that feature.

Here’s another solution for using beacons with Eddystone-URL, called Google Nearby.

It’s unclear as to why Google provides two solutions for the same thing. Here’s about the differences: Nearby Notifications vs the Physical Web (this is more confusing than it should be and could be, for something so conceptually simple)

The configuration might differ slightly between Android phones (and of course with language). For this to work you need a phone with at least Android 4.3, that supports Bluetooth Low Energy.

Go to Settings / Google / Nearby.

When asked about Turn on Bluetooth & Location? choose Turn on.

Activate Notify you when links are available.

If there are any properly configured beacons nearby, they will show up with a description on the page.

To simplify access to this page, go into the “three dot menu” and choose Add to Home screen. Move the created icon somewhere convenient.