Reports on the proximity industry

Proximity.Directory provides a great set of summaries in slide form of the state of different market segments, recently about the financial markets. Register to download any of the reports for free. Also, if you provide products within these segments, register to the directory. The Quarterly Proximity.Directory Report

Customer presentation: AyTv’s

AyTv’s is a Mexican company that sells viewing space on video screens in buses. They have an agreement with Mexico City about supplying public service announcements, but due to private actors they also show advertisements, contests and other information. AyTv’s GeoPromos is a customer adapted mobile application that supports beacons and geofences, and works together Read more about Customer presentation: AyTv’s[…]

Using Google Nearby

At least temporarily Chrome no longer supports Eddystone / Physical Web. Let’s hope they return that feature. Here’s another solution for using beacons with Eddystone-URL, called Google Nearby. It’s unclear as to why Google provides two solutions for the same thing. Here’s about the differences: Nearby Notifications vs the Physical Web (this is more confusing than it Read more about Using Google Nearby[…]