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Improvements to CliqTags

CliqTags - Engaging Mobile Campaign SitesA few improvements have been made to CliqTags lately:

  • The CSV file format for Download in Statistics and Responses has been changed to better support later versions of Excel, as well as a bigger range of characters/symbols (Unicode). See advice below for using CSV files with Excel.
  • Checking of whether a site will fit within the account limitations when using Site Copy.
  • Entered text in fields for Feedback, Resume and Survey is now trimmed for leading and trailing spaces, to make post-processing easier (sorting etc).
  • New field types for Survey: Current tracking code and Current user agent. They add context to survey responses.
  • Statistics now shows full date/time under the chart and in downloaded CSV files.

CSV files

How to open downloaded CSV files in Excel:

  • When importing a CSV file via “Data” / “From Text/CSV” (Office 2016), Excel will automatically create a nice-looking worksheet.
  • If a CSV file is opened (by double-clicking on the file or by using Open in Excel), it will be automatically converted to a worksheet, but it will not look as fancy as with the previous method.
  • If neither of the above works (older version of Excel or “,” is not the configured delimiter), select the first column (“A”) and then use “Data” / “Text to Columns” to interpret the data. Select “,” as separator.