Use cases

We made this presentation to provide examples of what CliqTags has been used for, and can be used for, and that way give inspiration for your own use cases. CliqTags – Use Cases We can fill you in on specific cases. There are also numerous other presentations about CliqTags, that can be of interest: Slideshare – Read more about Use cases[…]

New content editor

We’ve updated to the very latest versions of TinyMCE (editor) and MoxieManager (file/image uploader, manager and editor), that way providing a more contemporary look-n-feel as well as better function. We’ve placed the buttons as similar as possible to how it was before, to lower the learning curve. There’s now also a top menu with all Read more about New content editor[…]

CliqTags Messaging

CliqTags Messaging provides methods like SMS, e-mail, voice, push notifications and chat, enabling you to communicate with your customers wherever they might be, with high performance and reliability. Premium plans for CliqTags support basic means for sending SMS and e-mail to multiple destinations. CliqTags Messaging takes that to a whole new level, with templates, detailed Read more about CliqTags Messaging[…]

CliqTags Spotter

CliqTags Spotter – Geotargeted Communication (currently most examples are in Swedish; we’ll update soon) From the presentation: What is it? A mobile app for iOS and Android, that via a cloud servive conveys information related to where your customers/visitors are Advice about the information is shown in a news flow, and when you click on an Read more about CliqTags Spotter[…]