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QR codes in Chrome for iOS


It’s not altogether simple:

  • You of course need to install Chrome. Hardly any iPhone user has Chrome installed.
  • On a phone with 3D Touch, barcode scanning is available via the popup menu. How do I as a user know that?
  • On a phone without 3D Touch you can instead type “qr” in Spotlight Search and Chrome will appear. Again, not so obvious.

Maybe you better go with CliqTags QR Code Reader instead 😉.

Chrome for iOS now supports scanning standardized QR codes (and barcodes in general), which means it would also be somewhat easier to read CliqTags codes on an iPhone. Not many have Chrome installed on their iPhones though.

Google Chrome for iOS now features QR code scanner

Alternatively you can install CliqTags QR Code Reader, that’s easy to understand and use.

If that’s not to your satisfaction, here are alternatives with different (and IMO sometimes unnecessarily many) features:

The 11 Best QR Code Reader Apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone & BlackBerry