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Beacons, beyond the hype

SAM_1498csThe hype is gone. Now it’s time for real-world applications.

Using beacons is a great way to provide context-specific information to shoppers and visitors, in e.g. shops, malls, conference centers, exhibit halls, airports, train stations, bus stops, museums, hospitals, real estate, points of interest etc.

In terms of shops and malls it’s a logical complement to digital signage, as it essentially moves the information shown on the screens over to the shopper’s phone.

CliqTags is a complete solution for creating mobile-adapted content and associating that content with beacons as well as QR Codes, NFC tags etc.

Any premium CliqTags plan supports beacons, and you can evaluate such a plan for free.

We provide a generic beacon app (available for iOS and Android) for immediate use. We can also private-brand it, as well as integrate the beacon functionality in existing apps.

CliqTags works with any iBeacon-compatible beacons set up for CliqTags’ proximity UUID.