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Beacons at airports

We now have access to a directory of iBeacon-compatible beacons installed at airports in USA. This can be used as a quick way to establish a mobile information presence at airports without need for taking the cost of, or installing and maintaining, any beacon hardware on your own.

Generally, each airport uses its own UUID, while Major and Minor ID vary and are unique per point of interest. In CliqTags it’s easy to set up how broad the beacon detection should be: on specific IDs, or ranges of IDs or all. E.g., you can select to have some information trigger on detecting a certain UUID, while other information triggers on UUID plus a range of Major and Minor IDs etc.

To get going you will at least need a custom CliqTags Spotter that listens to applicable UUIDs. You may also want private-branding. We’ll help you with that. Then content management is handled via CliqTags.