Status for beacons in retail

Taking off, but not as fast as could be hoped. MediaPost – 46% of Retailers Move to Beacons; 71% Learning Buying Patterns It’s interesting to see the positive effects use of beacons have, including understanding customer behavior better, and in turn providing more relevant information to customers.

QR codes for trouble reporting

A great way of informing people about how to report problems on trains. This could also be applied to buses, airports, and public areas in general. Mobile Commerce News – France’s SNCF trains feature QR codes for reporting problems With CliqTags you get an all-in-one solution for both informing and reporting.

Status of beacons in retail

USA is moving along fine in adopting beacons. It’s definitely slower in Europe, but will hopefully follow soon. eMarketer – Retailers See Benefits from Beacons – Beacons help retailers understand their customers’ journeys