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New page types etc

Here are a few new page types and some other smaller changes. You find descriptions of the page types at What page types are supported?.


This enables you to set up sales of one or more digital goods (read: any type of file, be it media or content).

Payment is handled via PayPal, so you need an account there before you can use the feature. Apart from that, use is rather simple.

The goods (one or more) are uploaded as files, and after payment has succeeded, the customer can download those files via a simple button-based user interface.

For the time being this feature is only provided on request, and is not active on the existing account types. It will be in due time.


Creates a page with a search field, where a user can search for anything on the site. Practical if you e.g. have a lot of contact information or topic-based information.

The search hits are listed in a clickable menu on the same page as the search field.

It’s using basic case insensitive “somewhere in the text” searching, which is sufficient most of the time.

Site Map

Lists all pages on the site in a flat menu, even if the site is structured. Can be used as an aid for users, if they can’t find what they are looking for.

Other changes

  • New Page has been restructured to better reflect what page types are related.
  • Upper and Lower body are no longer shown on form response pages (after submitting a form etc). That information was more or less irrelevant there.
  • Button text and Response content have been added to the form page types (Feedback, Resume, Survey), to make it easier to customize them to specific uses. It’s even possible to use Feedback or Survey for sweepstakes now, where the user gets access to interesting content after providing their contact information.