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Misconceptions about beacons

“They run out of battery”

If they are battery-powered, yes, but there are models that can easily last 2-3 years with conservative power and ping frequency settings. The price difference is quite small.

Yet, there are both USB models (just add a USB power supply) and ones with integrated power supply, so you can simply choose such and forget about having to switch batteries.

“They steal customers’ identities”

No, they don’t. The related app and system might, but that’s not the business CliqTags is in.

That said, there are systems that intentionally track customers, to see where they move and stand, which can be used for shop layout planning etc. Whether CliqTags will support such functionality is another story.

“I need to re-configure the beacons to serve other content”

No, as they only transmit an identity, not any content. It’s up to the app and associated cloud service to associate beacon identities with relevant content, and that content can therefore be anything and change over time and at any time.

“The investment will be very high”

No, at least not if you use CliqTags, as you don’t have to develop anything. Sure, beacons cost some, but that cost is quickly sunk if you get mains-powered beacons, and especially if you count the planning work. We even recommend you to set up more beacons than you need, so you can change the beacon semantics without having to install more. As you don’t have to associate content with all beacons, customers won’t be aware that beacons without content are there.

“Overlapping beacons will wreak information havoc”

CliqTags Beacon Reader is designed to handle multiple overlapping beacons and prioritize information based on proximity and time of detection. You can even have different content for different beacon proximities, as well as share content among multiple beacons and point to multiple different content from one beacon. It’s up to you.

A general advice is to start simple, e.g. with a beacon at the entrance, and a few more in the store at strategic places.