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How to avoid beacon deployment mishaps

5 Common Beacon Marketing Challenges you can Easily Solve

How we solve the mentioned points:

Poor User Experience on Beacon-enabled Apps

By default messages don’t pop up, but instead consumers can choose what to view based on a teaser text or picture.

It’s all presented via a flat “smorgasboard” via a generic (yet brandable) app, and there’s really not much consumers need to think about.

Beacon deployment challenges

We solve this by making it very easy to attach different information to physical beacons, that can be changed at any time by You.

Specification Wars

We use and source strictly iBeacon compatible beacons and nothing else. That way there’s a plethora of choices, and no need to get locked in to one provider, and they work fine with both iOS and Android.

Limited Beacon Range

The beacons we provide can reach up to 100 meters (unobstructed).

Beacon Management

We recommend AC-powered beacons. That way you can more or less forget about them being installed. We also recommend and provide long-lasting battery-powered models for situations where there’s no AC power in the vicinity.

It’s also easy to see what beacons have given up the ghost.