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Improved Sites and Pages lists

One of the things that popped up during recent usability testing was that testers didn’t immediately understand the tool icons in the Sites and Pages lists, and most didn’t realize there were tooltips either.

The testers were “thrown in” to use CliqTags without much tutoring at all. That was part of the plan, to see where a completely new user might faulter. They didn’t even watch a video of usage, so it was a good litmus test.

Apart from this, we hope the FAQ will add clarity to the use of CliqTags. More material will be created over time, going through specific aspects of CliqTags.

The main improvements made on the Sites and Pages lists:

  • Text instead of icon buttons, making it clear (as long as you know English) what the buttons mean.
  • The action buttons have been moved to close proximity of the site or page name, making it visually obvious what item is affected. Tooltips add to that. These buttons are all verbs.
  • The buttons that present data have been moved to respective column showing a summary of that data. The column and button names are now the same. These buttons are all nouns.
  • While not hovering over a list row, buttons are faded, but still visible, so you know they are there.
  • While hovering over a row, the buttons stand out clearly, so you again know what item you are affecting.
  • A new paradigm is used for showing the state of Active and Scheduling: a green “LED”.
  • Columns without buttons are not shown if the screen/window is too narrow. This is not mobile-specific, so it works also if you make a PC browser window narrow enough.

On a touch-only device hovering is not effective, so the lists behave a bit differently there:

  • Buttons are always shown in full.
  • Buttons are a bit larger, so they are easier to hit with your finger.

Setting a narrow window and viewing on a touch-only device affect all other screens as well.