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Incite about the state of mobile marketing

How to Grab Mobile Marketing’s Low-Hanging Fruit While Avoiding the Bad Apples – Part 1

Some of the more interesting findings:

  1. Americans and Europeans spend at least 2 hours a day looking at their mobile screens
  2. 57% of people will NOT recommend a company with a bad mobile website
  3. 85% of users prefer native mobile apps to mobile websites
  4. 51% of emails are now opened on mobile

Note the preference for native apps. Such still involve considerably more development time and cost than a mobile site, especially when comparing with creating content in a dedicated tool like CliqTags, but we can of course also help you build native apps.

I’d like to see similar stats for other parts of the world, as e.g. South Korea and Japan, and increasingly also China and India are sophisticated in this area.