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More features

A couple of improvements of late:

“Form results” has been changed to “Responses” throughout, to better convey what it’s about, and to avoid confusion, as “Form results” wasn’t used consistently.

Several performance improvements have been made, especially to generated mobile sites:

  • Caching of pictures on the server, dynamically scaled to device screen dimensions on admin portal and mobile sites. Also external and menu thumbnail pictures are cached. Except for thumbnails that always have the same size, all other pictures are scaled to the maximum of width and height, so that they look good whether the phone or tablet is in portrait or landscape orientation. As before, pictures are never scaled up, only down.
  • Browser caching has been improved, by following more rules of thumb.
  • The amount of database accesses have been decreased on the admin portal and mobile sites.

Performance measurement tools have been used for the verification, including GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights.

Menus can now have several items per row for menu styles Buttons and Centered, making better use of the space available. This is controlled from Site Edit / Menu / Per row (1 to 5, with 1 as default). Don’t forget to adapt Menu Text Size so that the menu text still fits.

Confirmation dialogs are now clearer by showing what’s being affected, and describing why you probably shouldn’t delete the item.

High-resolution logo icons are now used throughout, which makes bookmark icons look better.

Stylesheets have been compacted for less data to download. They are of course also cached in the browser once downloaded.

There are more color settings on Site New, separating menu-related colors from other colors, as well as clearer descriptions.

Tooltips now show a description of the page type used.

Menu thumbnails (if enabled in Site Edit) are now created from any picture found in page type Media, Body top or Body bottom, in that order. The first customer uploaded picture found will be used. E.g. emoticons and external pictures will not become thumbnails. See the phone screenshot above for an example.

The admin portal user interface has been cleaned up a bit:

  • Action buttons are now placed consistently throughout the admin portal.
  • Positive and negative messages now consistently use a green and red border respectively on the admin portal.

Bot traffic is filtered out from statistics, to give a correct representation of actual user accesses.

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