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More new features

Text alignment

For body text and headers it’s now possible to set alignments individually: left, center, right or justify, so there’s no longer need for static CSS for that.

Multiple menu items per row

When selecting Menu Style Buttons or Centered it’s now possible to choose how many items there should be on each row. Maximum is set to 5, as realistically it becomes too cluttered with more than that. This is most practical for Buttons.

New Site View page

The mobile site is now emulated via a properly designed View page. You still have the option to see the page as-is, but for most cases the new page should be better, as you can still easily navigate the site. If the page extends too far you can scroll vertically.

Increased performance

Based on performance tools like GTmetrix, PageSpeed, pingdom etc, performance of primarily the mobile pages has been improved. Now everything that can be cached is cached in the browser, including thumbnail pictures. Page content has been reordered so that the browser can fetch all page content in parallel, etc.

Site information is now stored more efficiently, leading to less database queries and higher performance overall.

New buttons

Buttons on mobile pages are now links instead of “real” buttons, resulting in all other settings on the Edit site / Menu page also working for buttons, including Thumbnails. It also makes the mobile pages slightly smaller.

Administration app for Android

A wrapper app has been made for accessing the administration pages, which is useful now when those pages are responsive: CliqTags Admin

Page naming

For consistency, what you see when hovering over action buttons on the Sites and Pages pages is exactly what you will see on each page that you reach.

Higher upload limit

If you want to create a really long picture slideshow, you can now upload up to 100 pictures. If you need more than that, please let us know.

Spaced out logo

The CliqTags logo now has some much needed spacing above and below, making it look less squeezed.


And a few other things…

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