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Responsive design

The administration portal has been made responsive. The information portal already is.

Adaptation to width

Content will adapt to the display width:

  • The overall page width will adapt directly to the display width.
  • Two-column screens will put the panes vertically on narrow displays.
  • Lists will show less columns on narrow displays.

This works especially well on 7″ or larger tablets, even in portrait mode.

Pages are always scrollable vertically if content goes outside.

Design changes

Buttons have been made larger, completely flat, more rounded and with a hover effect. This is also to simplify use from a mobile device. The same button design is also used on the information portal.

Buttons on mobile pages are now also flat, without a visible border, making them look more slick. Just see to that you don’t select the same colors on the site background and the menu/button background.

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