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New and improved

A few user-visible improvements, as well as numerous non-visible ones, have been made lately.


Error messages and important confirmations are shown as red and green framed text at the top of the screen for clarity:

Access Methods

For consistency and practical reasons, the same types of tabs as used for Site Edit are now used here:

An experimental bulk e-mail feature has been implemented. It works well enough in its existing form, but is currently only available for customers asking for it, as it might yet be too limited for practical use (it’s currently not possible to save templates or addresses, etc). It’s very fast, as only one message is sent from CliqTags, independent of the amount of recipients. E-mail addresses are provided via BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), which means recipients can’t see who else gets the same message. Let us know if you want to test it out.


Hierarchy arrows are now lower, so that they don’t affect the cell height.

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