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Recent improvements

While finalizing the AppDirect integration we also spent some time improving the administration console and the rendering of mobile pages. These are a few of the major changes made.

Creating a new site

When creating a new site it’s now possible to make a basic configuration of the site directly on the page, to speed up the process. Further configuration can then be made via Site Edit. We might add more settings later.

CliqTags Site New

Page type Form

Multi-choice option lists and range lists are now supported, very useful for surveys, and an alternative to multiple checkboxes. Responses will be concatenated into a comma-separated list of all selected choices per field. Features has been updated with these new field types.

CliqTags Form multiple

It’s also possible to add a new field below the current field using add, as seen above.

Widths of fields have been adjusted to fill up the whole available width. As of yet, this has been verified to work well on iOS and Android devices. Note also the result of setting Required below.

CliqTags Form multiple mobileColor selections

The color selection fields now show selected color immediately. Example:

CliqTags Site Edit colors

QR Codes

The terminology for QR Codes has been better aligned with official specifications.

A frame around the QR Code shows the size of the quiet zone.

The text insert is now put outside the quiet zone to improve readability.

CliqTags Access Methods

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