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Can iBeacon be used with CliqTags?

The answer is that we don’t quite know yet, as no detailed information has been published, but CliqTags seems like a good fit for providing context-based information within shops, exhibits, on the street etc, where iBeacon beacons (if now that’s the right term) provide the trigger to show information.

It seems that a specific app is needed to provide the semantics/associations for what a beacon means, as a beacon will just provide a unique ID.

It also seems that iBeacon is not fundamentally locked to iOS devices, but Apple hasn’t really said anything about that.

Beacons will communicate via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), also called Bluetooth Smart, and is part of Bluetooth 4.0. Newer iOS devices support this (from iPhone 4S). Few Android devices yet do, but it’s reasonable to assume all new will.

We’ll keep you posted when documentation has gone public.

See here for more: The Promise of iBeacons in iOS 7