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New and improved

While migrating the server we also made a few improvements. Here are the major changes.

Information portal

  • English is now the default language. Swedish will be selected automatically if the browser is set for that, but not otherwise.

Administration portal

  • The display of statistics as charts has been vastly improved, with nicer looking charts of different types, only showing information for pages that have actually been accessed, decreasing clutter.
  • It’s possible to add a tracking ID to the site access URL (encapsulated in QR Codes, SMS etc). This tracking ID will be displayed when viewing statistics as a list. This can be used to distinguish between different access sources.
  • SEO keywords can be added per site. These keywords will be used for all pages within that specific site.
  • Tooltips cover a larger hotspot area, for easier access to documentation.
  • Inactive buttons are shown in gray, making it easier to see that their state independent of browser.
  • All buttons on mobile pages are now formatted as per the settings under Site / Menu, for a consistent (and better) look.
  • QR Code images no longer get a CliqTags logo.

More’s on the way.